Monday, March 11 - Kelly Kullberg - The Soros Sedition
She followed the money: Soros assembled more than 600 organizations to further his sedition. These organizations are usually tax exempt, like the Open Society Foundation, and work to encourage open borders, illegal immigration, and socialism

Monday, April 22 - John Guandolo
The foremost expert on activities of the Muslim Brotherhood activities here in the United States.

Thursday, May 16 - Brigitte Gabriel

ACT for America founder and author Brigitte Gabriel visits Long Island. Special venue and pricing. Don’t miss!

Thursday, May 16 - Brigitte Gabriel

Chief Joseph and Dr. Laralyn Riverwind - Arawak Taino Native Americans discuss the dangerous radicalization of 
American Indian reservations

September 9 - Pamela Geller

One of the bravest freedom fighters in the United States, and co-founder of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, FATWA author Pamela Geller discusses her latest book and the challenges we face. 

Call:  1-888-ALERT 39





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